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Our Services


If you require an interpreter, let the receptionists or doctors know, so a telephone or Auslan interpreter can be booked.

After Hours Care 1300HOMEGP

After hours care is provided by a deputising service. Ring 1300HOMEGP or 8724 6300 to arrange a home visit. Patients of the practice, who have a Medicare Card, are bulk billed.

How You Can Help Us

  • Let us know if the matter is urgent/an emergency.
  • Let us know as soon as possible if you no longer need your appointment.
  • Keep us up to date with your current address, phone number, emergency contact details
  • Make a longer appointment if you need one.
  • Make an appointment for each person in a family consultation.
  • Don’t smoke, eat or use offensive language in or immediately outside the waiting room.
  • Do not threaten or abuse staff.
  • Turn off your mobile phones during consultations.

  • Fees

  • All Medicare card holders are bulk billed. Those without a valid Medicare card are charged at the time of consultation.
  • Fees apply for items not covered by Medicare, such as insurance medicals, license applications. Check with the receptionists as to the fee.
  • When referred to specialists, or for tests, check with them regarding fees.
  • If you have any problems paying for any fees, please speak with your doctor about possible alternatives.
  • Your Medical Record

  • Your medical records are confidential documents. It is the policy of the practice to maintain security of the information at all times and to ensure it is only available to authorised staff. Information is only given to outside agencies, for example, insurance companies, with your written permission.
  • To read our full privacy policy please ask the receptionist or your doctor.
  • Appointments

  • Consultation by appointment is preferred.
  • Emergencies are seen without an appointment. Let the receptionists know if the matter is an emergency.
  • Appointments are for 15 minutes. A longer appointment can be requested, if you have several problems or know that you will take longer than 15 minutes.
  • We will see several family members together, but an appointment must be made for each person.
  • The practice encourages continuity of care, so let the receptionists know which doctor you want to see when making your appointment.
  • Patients who arrive on time for their appointment are given priority over those that arrive late. You will be seen after those patients who arrived before you.
  • If you are distressed and find sitting in the waiting room uncomfortable or difficult, let the receptionists know so they can arrange for you to wait in a more private place.
  • If you think you, or the person you are caring for has an infectious illness, let the receptionists know so they can arrange for you to wait away from the other patients.

  • House Calls

    House calls are made at the discretion of the doctors, within in a 2 km radius from the practice. Ask to talk with your doctor to discuss arranging a house call. If you have any concerns or questions speak with the receptionists or the doctors.

    Test Results

    Patients must return for results, unless instructed otherwise by their doctor. Check with your doctor at the time of the test.


    The practice regularly participates in research to improve quality of service and for education purposes. Usually the information collected does not give any information that could allow identification of patients. If there is any possibility that someone could be identified from the information they will be asked for their written permission for the information to be used. Information is only given to organisations that have approval from a recognised Medical College.

    Contacting the Doctors

    The doctors will interrupt consultations for urgent matters only, otherwise a message can be left and the doctor will return your call at the next available opportunity. Let the receptionist know if it is an urgent matter.


    If you would like to make a suggestion, leave it in the suggestion box in the waiting room. If you have a complaint, ask to speak with one of the doctors. All complaints are investigated and responded to. If you feel the complaint needs to be handled outside the surgery,
    contact -
    The Health Complaints Commission
    Locked Bag 18, Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
    Phone: 9219 7444

    Woodcroft Family Practice